Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Circular Motion and Gravitation

What I learned about Circular Motion and Gravitation...:

When I went back over my UCM quiz I learned a number of things that I either forgot or facts that I did not know. This is a bad thing because the test is THURSDAY!!(but good too!!) I learned that in circular motion the acceleration of the object is called the centripetal acceleration. This acceleration is always pointed towards the center of the circle. This is not the centrifugal force because that word means that the acceleration is point outward not inward. I also noticed that instead of saying ma you use mv^2/r because we are dealing with centripetal forces.

What I have found difficult about Circular Motion and Gravitation....:

What I have found difficult about this topic is to not give up so effortlessly. For example, in some problems it may not look like you are given enough information to solve for a variable but if you keep putting in variables that you do know into the equation then you can ,eventually, get the equation that you need to use,

My problem-solving skills...:

They are excellent, it’s just the keep moving forward part (explained above) that I seemed to have trouble with. Also, sometimes I do not press the right buttons on my calculator which ends up with me getting the wrong answer.


  1. Great job! please write down the complete name of the fictitious force you are referring to. Yes, the one with an F in it.