Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newton's Second Law

This is what I learned about Newton's Second Law:

In Newton’s Second Law it is about how an object will change in velocity if something pushes of pulls it. It explains that the force will cause the object to change in velocity and to accelerate. The acceleration of the object is directly proportional to the force. Example: If Carly pushes the book across the table and it accelerates but if she pushes five times harder then the acceleration would be five times greater. I also learned that the acceleration is inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

What I have found difficult about what I have studied is:

The only thing that I am struggling with is the friction part of Newton's Second Law. Not a lot of known variables are given in these types of problems so I easily get overwhelmed and defeated. However, once I sit down and actually concentrated I can, eventually, figure it out.

My problem solving skills:

My problem solving skills have definitely improved greatly opposed to the pervious trimester. However, I think my main problem solving issue was that I was clearly not trying hard enough the first trimester. I enjoy the topic that we are currently discussing and understand most of Newton's Laws.


  1. Great job! Your reflection is very good.

  2. I like it!! haha i have issues with friction too no worries. I like your examples, especially the one about Carly! It really makes sense and shows you have learned lol!

  3. Thanks I am glad somebody has issues too!! We will get throught it!!